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Termini e Condizioni

1. Scope of application
These terms of use are valid for the learning platform ILIAS, a service of the University of Konstanz, hosted and supported by the Communication-, Information-, Media Centre (KIM).

2. Users/registration/de-registration
(a) To use ILIAS you need a valid University of Konstanz user account.
(b) All students, teaching staff and employees of the university can use ILIAS. We provide free access to a part of this service.
(c) You can register in ILIAS using your University of Konstanz user account.
(d) Guests can be granted access to ILIAS in accordance with their department and for a limited period. They confirm that their registration details are correct and, in case any changes occur, that they will change them immediately.
(e) When you register for ILIAS you agree to the terms of use.
(f) Access authorisation for ILIAS and the right to use ILIAS material expires as soon as your account is deactivated. The university reserves the right to delete content from ILIAS after an appropriate period.
(g) Users who violate these terms of use may be excluded from using ILIAS.

3. Copyright
With this agreement you explicitly acknowledge that ILIAS contains information, texts, pictures, videos, graphics and other material that may be legally protected by copyright, a trademark or a patent. You may use the material only to the extent allowed by law.

4. Using information and material
(a) ILIAS is for research and teaching (i.e. scientific) purposes only.
(b) Each course administrator is responsible for his/her course contents.
(c) Every user agrees to the following: he/she will not copy, use, sell, transfer, publish or otherwise make ILIAS material available for other purposes.

5. Data protection
(a) Personal user data are saved solely for identification purposes within ILIAS.
(b) Users accept that their user name is visible to all ILIAS users.
(c) We electronically save the personal user details mentioned in 5 (b).
(d) We do not provide ILIAS user data to third parties.
(e) After you have left the University of Konstanz, we will delete all data saved, except what we are legally required to keep.
(f) Users can request to be informed about their personal data saved.
(g) Users can revoke their consent (see 5 (b)) at any time. Revoking your consent means that you will no longer be able to use ILIAS. Please send your revocation, in writing, to ILIAS Support.

6. ILIAS Services
(a) We provide the ILIAS services without any assurances or guarantees.
(b) You use ILIAS at your own risk. The university does not guarantee that the information provided is up-to-date, correct, complete or of good quality. The university does not guarantee backups of the uploaded data.
(c) Parts or certain features of ILIAS may be changed or expire. Our aim is to keep downtimes as short as possible and to keep all features running at all times.

7. Terms of use
In case the terms of use change, users must consent to these changes to be able to continue using ILIAS. Changes come into effect as soon as they have been published online.

8. User rights and obligations
(a) The right to use ILIAS is non- transferable.
(b) Users are completely liable for their activities within ILIAS and the corresponding services.
(c) Users of ILIAS services must comply with all applicable legal provisions, taking special care not to violate existing laws in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is prohibited to distribute content and/or statements in ILIAS that are illegal - especially content that is insulting, glorifying violence, discriminating or anti-constitutional - except for scientific purposes and only for a limited user group.
(d) Moreover, it is prohibited to use suggestive terms, offensive content, or other representations that are suspected to be illegal but could not finally be determined to be so.
(e) User activities that aim at rendering the ILIAS services non-functional, or at least making their use more difficult, are prohibited and may be prosecuted.

Do you have questions, suggestions or problems? Please contact ILIAS support (

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